Free Website Design & development for NGO

We are proud to announce a new initiative to provide world-class logo and website design to non-profit organizations, absolutely FREE of charge. Our goal is to support the tireless work of NGOs that are making a positive impact on people and the environment.

Our team of experts has over 20 years of experience in the design industry and is dedicated to creating the best user experience and user interface for each and every project. We believe that by serving those who serve others, we can help reach and benefit millions of people.

We plan to fulfil 1 NGO every month!

Each month, we plan to select one NGO to receive our services. Our aim this year is to make a difference in the lives of one crore people through the power of 12 well-designed websites.

I believe that serving people who help others will reach and benefit millions of people through them.

This year the target is to help one crore people through 12 websites.

If you or an organization you know is interested in this opportunity, please fill out the form at the link below. We look forward to working with you and making a positive impact in our world.

(Whatsapp only)

Published by Eswaran Yogalingam

Eswar is a multi-talented individual with a diverse set of skills and interests. He is a software product designer, brand identity designer, visual designer, sculptor, craftsman, carpenter, animator, tree activist, farmer, Parai drum player, businessman, brain mentor, husband, and dad. He specializes in providing first-class branding and website services for rural NGOs at no cost..

4 thoughts on “Free Website Design & development for NGO

  1. Really Wonderful Job. Today Public very much needed. AWERNESS. I’m arts and crafts Specialist. I am always thinking and CREATIVE Gaint models Out of Waste Materials. All Over India 64 GaintModels

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